Friday, 30 September 2016

On secondment at University College of Dublin

Finally, on the ninth month since commencement of work, I arrived at UCD for secondment, where I have registered as a PhD student. Many thanks to Loreto, Siyuan, Shah Nur etc. for kindly help.

University College of Dublin

The most exciting part of doing research in a university I think is that you are surrounded by the youth and dreams. You get the feeling that you are still young and you can do many things, which will bring many possibilities. It’s good to have such feeling. Also, in a university, you have access to all kinds of courses, library, sports facilities, shows, etc. Apart from research, you get more training resources.

Lloyd's Register GTC in Southampton

On the other hand, doing research in a company is like finding a solution for a practical problem with many constraints. It is more application-oriented, but often let you feel that your contribution to the current industrial practices would be rather limited.

From one point, academic research should be application-oriented, but from another point, historical findings come with a free heart. It’s a paradox. Maybe both ways are ok. Only time can test the value of a research finding, and we cannot tell when it comes out.

I will update you with more information about my secondment later.

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